Discover our installations and our vineyard La Vicaría

Our installations are divided between Jerez and Arcos of the Border (Sierra de Cádiz) and form our vineyard and winery.

The winery is located in Jerez of the Border, Avda. De Medina Sidonia, 20; and in addition to functioning as the official headquarter of the company, it is the place where the processes of elaboration, storage, and bottling of our vinegars, wines, and sauces are carried out. The aging of our vinegar under the traditional system of soleras has special relevance; as well as the wine area of the boots of the Tonelería Paez Lobato.

Due to its renovated and well-maintained installations and its proximity to the urban center of Jerez of the Border; since the year 2010, they put its installations at the service of celebrations for amphoras approximately 250 pax; being able to use its large gardens, interior hall and a large industrial kitchen.

The vineyard "La Vicaría" is located in the Sierra de Cádiz, in Arcos of the Border, 350 meters above sea level and 700 meters away from the river Guadalete. Its extensive vineyards with selected and certified vineyards supply the production of our wines.