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Vinagres de Jerez, Vinos de la Tierra de Cádiz y Salsas Balsámicas.

In 1910 Mr. Francisco Páez Sánchez, our Managing Director's grandfather, founded with some friends a Wine Society for the purchase and enjoyment of old sherry wines. While selecting these wines, he discovered a small quantity of a unique high quality Sherry Vinegar. This vinegar was kept as a family heirloom, but in 1945 his son Mr. Antonio Páez Lobato had the idea of developing a totally new business from his treasured vinegar, producing the first commercial SHERRY VINEGAR.

Since then, our Company has been purchasing and collecting all the aged sherry vinegars which were sold by some firms within the Sherry District like Williams&Humbert, Sandeman and others. An exceptional purchase was that made from Mr. Alejandro Romero Osborne, whose vinegars dated back to 1936 and were of outstanding quality.

That extraordinary discovery led us to use it as the first base of our "soleras" and give a touch of real history to our vinegars. We then began this totally new business: The production, aging and bottling of our Sherry Vinegars, until then regarded as a by-product of the sherry wine industry, although all the big sherry wineries kept a small reserve of this unique product.

At present, the business is still family run and our inventory of 2.000.000 litres, aged in more than 4.000 American Oak casks, is the largest in the area, which allows us to maintain our vinegars of the highest quality.

In 1973, as part of a program of renovation and expansion, our firm purchased “La Vicaría”,a country estate with a long wine tradition and, in 1981, we marketed our pioneering young white wine“Tierra Blanca”. 1n 1977, our “Viña Lucía” red wine was launched, the first of its kind in our province, to be followed by our semi-sweet “Tierra Blanca” with its characteristic blue bottle.

This calculated decision was initially viewed with a lot of curiosity and not a little skepticism in the area, but the Company´s success has already encouraged others to follow.

We have also recently launched our “Doña Pepa” range of balsamic sauces, to be used as a seasoning or flavour enhancer in all kind of recipes. A cooking wine, also called “Doña Pepa”, is available as well in our wide portfolio of products.

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